Tuesday, May 18, 2021

As Do The Deer - The Houses For Sale Laughed At Me...

 ...on my house hunting trip over the last few days. The four I actually looked at all had what appeared to be either many minor to medium sized problems and two had major problems. One of those two looked nice and was in a great secluded location but had foundation problems and the floors were uneven and cracked, the other also had foundation problems and it felt as if you were in a funhouse at the amusement park (or maybe just drunk and dizzy) once you walked in the door - it's floors were that slanted. There were two excellent houses on my list but both of those were already under contract before I got to TN; they were each on the market about a week. Nice houses are selling fast, very fast. Oh well, the realtor promised me she will be looking at house for me and call me if any other really nice ones come up for sale. 

 I am happy about that because the cost of another few days trip is prohibitive. I am guessing I spent $650 to $750 on  a six day trip and I spent two nights of those days at my son's house.

All the best,
Glenn B


riverrider said...

yeah man you waited way too long, like us. you're trying to buy in at the top of the feeding frenzy. my sister is in the same boat. good luck.

Glenn B said...

I have been looking for awhile but being sick much of last year with RMSF and then Covid-19 threw a wet blanket over my ability to do it in person. Tried to go to TN about a month and a half ago but the plans fell through because of doctor's appointments because I am again not feeling all that well (though not very sick either but feeling bad enough to need some testing again). Anyway, got to feeling somewhat better and finally headed out in person. .

I had almost forgotten what it was like to look at houses for sale in as much at how many people offer for sale houses in absolute shitty condition. When my wife & I sold our house in the spring of 2019, we had our own inspector come to tell us what he could find that needed repairs - that was before the buyers' inspector came, even long before we had a potential buyer. I fixed the one thing the inspector mentioned that was a somewhat serious issue and a couple of the minor ones. I also fixed a few things the inspector did not see. I painted the basement floor and walls too. We cleaned everything. After we got an offer we fixed the things the potential buyers’ inspector found faulty – all very minor but things out inspector did not find. We wanted to assure the house would sell quickly.

We got a substantial amount more than our asking price by the second couple who came to the only open house. They came to the open house with their realtor who advised them to drop an offer they had already made on another house and to make an offer on ours instead. Their realtor was that impressed with our house! They spent a few hours at our place, much of that time in conference in our backyard. They made a lowball offer 30K less than the asking price. Then, a couple of days later, when our realtor called them to ask if they wanted to up the offer telling them there was lots of interest in our house, they made an offer we could not refuse - 40K more than their original offer! I guess they were impressed with our house too. That offer was 10K higher than our asking price. Put a smile on our faces and money in our pockets because we kept the house in good shape. Shame on these aresehats who try to sell a rundown shambles as if it was a majestic castle and who ask a king’s ransom for it.