Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Just Ordered One Of These For My Son...

 ...but don't think I am being overly generous - he has to pay for half of it and also has to let me use some space in it. Anyway, it is still putting a nice hole in my pocket.

At 545 pounds, it is heavy. More specs here:

I'd much rather have ordered an AMSEC safe, they are much better safes, but they are cost prohibitive right now at about 2.5 to 3 times the price for one of a similar size.

Now, I also am going to have to get something for my daughter to even things up between them. That hole in my pocket is going to get bigger.

All the best,
Glenn B


Ken and Deb said...

I just don't like the electronic locking systems. I don't see anything about a manual back up system to open it. I hope he has a back up gen set to power the lock. I never thought about this stuff until recently. I live in Texas. But power grid going down can happen anywhere.

Bob said...

The safes don't seem to hold as many rifles as advertised. It is hard to fit a rifle in front one with pistol grip and if you put it in the front row it might interfere with the closing the door.

Liberty safe sells a humidity and temperature monitor, it uses a AAA battery and will show the current values and the highs and lows. There are AC powered dehumidifying rods available if you can get AC into the safe. There are also lighting systems but battery powered press on lights also work.

Backwoods Okie said...

Around here (Oklahoma) you at Christmas you can get a Tractor supply credit card and your first purchase is 6 months no interest. I've bought a couple over the last 10years that way. Makes it a little easier on the ass pocket