Sunday, April 25, 2021

Hey LeBron James - What Was The Race Of The Girl The Cop Saved!

Did any politician in the Demoncrat party, or any leftist politician or bureaucrat of another party (like a RINO), or any big mouthed activist movie star or sports figure, or any prominent member of BLM ever once mention the fact that the WHITE police officer - who shot the piece of shit black female who was about to stab the other BLACK female - saved a BLACK person's life because of that shooting! Racism is alive and well in America and it is practiced by black folks as much or more than by white folks each and every day. If the cop was a racist and the shooting was racially motivated - why did the officer save the one BLACK female's life and not just wait for the other black female to stab her first and then shoot the black stabber! The only thing race had to do with this is what the MSM (Mud Slinging Media) and leftist politicians and activists - race baiters all as I see them - brought to the reporting of it.

Did any of them also confront the black community over the amount of black on black killings that go on each day in places like Chicago, without said community doing almost anything to actually put a stop to them let alone their failure to be as vociferously against those killings as they are riotously against the handful (in comparison) by police officers!

If they have, I have not heard it or read it. Yes, racism is alive and well in the USA but it works both way and guys like LeBron James seem as racist to me as Joe Biden (who somehow now, after years of evident racist statements and acts, is playing a saint in the cause to end racism).

All the best,
Glenn B

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Old NFO said...

I'm just ignoring ALL of the athletes/Hollyweird types. They don't know jack...