Wednesday, December 30, 2020

still Fighting It

Just an update. I got out of ER late Monday night or early Tuesday. Sent me home with a tank of oxygen.  I hooked myself up to that once I got home. Then I slept all day yesterday. They told me at the ER I had pneumonia due to covid-19 so I am just as surprised as anybody that they sent me home but the doctor said it was not so bad. Bad enough for the oxygen though which reminds me I have to call to get another tank. Thank you to everyone who keeps checking up on me and wishing me well. I think I'm going to beat this, feel a little bit better today than in last 10 days.


"Zack" said...

Getting all tanked up has a new meaning nowadays.

PS, my nephew (a guy in his early forties) told me that he was on O2 for two months following his infection. I guess it takes time to weather the storm.

Keep up the good fight!

michigan doug said...

Stay away from open flames.

Get better soon.

Glen Filthie said...


You've got the FLU. Unless you are a senior with serious co-morbidities, your chances for survival are 99.5%. They have a survival rate of 94%

4 fingers of scotch. 1000 IU of vitamin D a day. You'll be fine in a couple days.

Sheesh, all this COVID bullchit is, is an excuse for grown ups to act like bloody children.

greg said...

Hey Mister, a warm get well soon greeting from sunny southern Colo.
Hoping you get better soon! God bless you real good. Ok?

libertyman said...

Sending best wishes your way. Hang in there!!

B said...

Happy New Year. Hope you are doing OK.

Lots of folks thinking about you and hoping you'll do ok.

Keep us updated please

Old NFO said...

Good news! Happy New Year, and best wishes for a BETTER 2021 for us all!

danielbarger said...

Unless you are dirt poor you might consider purchasing an oxygen generator for home. They cost a few hundred and generally require a signed doctors order...which for people on Medicare is generally a formality. An O2 tank doesn't last very long and I you are O2 dependent a generator can make a big difference.