Saturday, November 21, 2020

There I Was All Happy With Myself...

 ...because I scored six (6) boxes of 38 Special +P this morning, then went to the dog park with Skye and had a nice time playing a bit of fetch where she gets the ball but does not bring it back, and because I stopped at a local second hand junk store antique store where I found tree heavy duty, large and very inexpensive beer mugs. Only $1.00 apiece. Put a smile on my face because Brendan & I will use them on Thanksgiving.

As I was saying, I was happy. Then suddenly, I received a text from Brendan and I was no longer happy. My happiness meter went from high all the way to breaking and going boing! I should mention it went up - not down and I was ecstatic! Here is why:

Not sure but I think it's a 6 pointer. Sent him a text asking but no reply yet, lousy service up there

After many years of deer hunting with me, he had never gotten a deer. Then last year, he bagged a doe - one shot while hunting in AR with his boss. Single shot to get tat one. I don't know the details yet about the buck he got today but it was also one shot. I do know a little from a couple of texts he sent to me. He did not have the best angle from which to shoot - it was facing him head on. Here is how he described it in a text to me: 

"Got a buck"

"Was not broadside. Was looking straight at me. Flopped over and died. Quick and clean."

His whole face is glowing in that picture and so it should be! By the way, that rifle - it's a Savage - don't recall the exact model - I think one of the various model 10 or 100 rifles, 308 caliber (he chose from a selection of 5 or 6 rifles and chose wisely). Whatever - it's gotta be good luck. We were at a gun show last month and I shelled out $20 apiece for a couple of raffle tickets. Later on in the show, a guy working the show and a gal asked if I was Glenn B. I said yeah and asked why, she was smiling and then it hit me. I had bought the winning ticket. I let them transfer it to Brendan as an early Christmas gift. I love it when things truly come together and they certainly did with that rifle, the ammo I gave him for it, and the skills I helped teach him shooting and out in the woods. He may be a middle aged man now but I still say: 'That's my boy and I'm quite proud of him!'

I don't even know if ecstatic explains how I feel. He has been hunting with me for big game since he was 16. We went on a trip to Maine back then and he bagged a young boar black bear. That was also a one shot kill - it went through the heart & lungs. He is a good shot, takes after me shooting and may surpass me someday (but not quite yet😉). The only thing that could have made me feel better about this, well it's if I would have been there with him. That's okay though, maybe next year, who knows. As I said though, the happy meter got busted when I saw the photo. I suppose, the only guy happier than me about this is Brendan.

As for me, I have not bothered to go hunting this year. Too much pain in my hips. Seems to be getting better though, wouldn't you know 2 weeks into the season! There is a late season in December and truth be told, it's been so warm around here that I'd rather go then. Somewhere in between now and then, I hope to be eating some venison, from the buck he shot today. 

I should add, I told him to have the head mounted.I know it's not even close to a trophy buck but as a taxidermist told me maybe 35 years or so ago when I got my first buck, an 8 pointer on my uncle's farm, you may never see another like this. I've seen them alright, quite a few and two with 12 or 14 points - but I never got another as big as that first one. I offered Brendan $250 toward mounting it; I hope he takes me up on it.

All the best,
Glenn B


Pigpen51 said...

I am 60 years old, and until about 3 years ago, had not been deer hunting here in Michigan for over 30 years, when I lived back in my hometown, more rural than I live now. But my oldest son and his wife bought a huge log house, on 20 acres out in the boondocks, and I have hunted with him most of these last years. I missed a nice 6 point, with a shotgun with slugs, opening day. That was Sunday. I didn't get out again until the following Wednesday. My son had been seeing a lot of deer and missed a nice 8 point he has been watching on trail cam this summer.
On Wednesday, I watched 6 does playing about in front of me, for about 15 minutes, thinking that a buck would be along. Soon enough, a very nice spike horn came sauntering out, and I shot him from about 50 yards away, with my 12 gauge with 1 oz slug, and open sights. He dropped right there on the spot, hit a touch too far back but on the spine. He was down, and I got down from my tree stand,and walked over, and by the time I got there, he had drug himself with his front legs over 50 or more yards along the ground. I quickly went and put him down for good, thankful that I had not wounded and lost a deer, which is the worst thing either me or my son would ever want to happen on his land. It is a joint pact that no deer suffers when taken on his land. I actually paid to have it cut and packaged this year, for the first time ever. I have to say, even though it was different, it was super convenient,and I will do it again. When I was a young man, I hunted deer to help put food on the table for my young family. And so I would not spend money to have someone cut it up. Now, I hunt for both the chance to see wildlife,and to spend time with my son.
We also spent some time here in West Michigan salmon fishing during the fall salmon run. Michigan has sporting chances for the entire year round, if you just go outside,and take advantage of them.
Best wishes to you and your son. That is a very nice deer, and I wish you get a chance to go out still this season. Be well, and have a good holiday season.


Glenn B said...


I.loved reading that. Way to go out and get one. Nice to see you enjoy it all with your son too.

All the best,