Saturday, November 14, 2020

Ammo Shortage Over Soon - Don't Bet On It

 As per Vista Outdoors in a Fox Business news report, they have a $1 billion backlog of orders that they do not expect to fill for at least one year! (Source - if the link does not work, copy and paste this: Fox sucks when using links like I just did.) 

Since I doubt the ammo buying frenzy is going to stop any time soon, I imagine that backlogged orders for ammo and the amount of time it takes to fill them will both increase markedly in that time frame at least if the democrat actually becomes president. For some reason they keep calling him the president elect but that is not official yet so one can still hold onto hope.

If hope is lost because he does get in, you will have done well to have bought ammo and guns now if you are short, even at today's super inflated prices. The best price, on, for 9mm (as I type) was $597.95 for a case (1,000 rounds @ almost 58 cents per round) and that was for Russian steel cased crap. The best price on brass cased 9mm, from a familiar to me & well known manufacturer was $675.95 (1,000 rounds @ almost 68 cents per round) for Winchester FMJ. To think, that Winchester ammo was probably going for around $180 - $190 per case less than a year ago. I should have held onto my OLN and VSTO stocks!

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Glenn B

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