Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Are (Did) You Watch The Debate?

I'm not watching it. I started to watch a couple or few minutes after it started, had trouble live streaming then found it live on YouTube. I tried to watch really I did. I watched Biden laughing at Trump during one of the president's answers (not a peep out of Wallace). Realized President Trump got pissed (too bad he did so early) could tell by how he interrupted Biden and then of course Wallace essentially told him to shut up. 

So, I got pissed too. I had to turn it off right then and there because of the mood I am in, mostly due to lots of hip and back pain, made it so that had I not shut it off I may have shot the monitor right when Biden was on screen (only kidding). Honestly though, as a symbolic way to show my disgust that the democrats actually chose a seemingly mentally defective twit to be their candidate, I actually may have just picked up the laptop and smashed it into the wall and I cannot afford to do that so I turned it off to avoid screwing up my already messed up and very old laptop. 

No big deal, there is nothing that could be said or done, by either man in the debate, that would turn me to vote for Biden - absolutely nothing and I can always read about the high and low points tomorrow. Regardless of how it goes: Fox News & One America News Network will likely say President Trump won and all those in the MSM (Mud Slinging Media) will say former Vice President Biden won. What else should we expect short of a major blunder or three by one of them and not the other.

So that was it for me. How about you - did you watch, were you able to watch or unable to like me. 

All the best,
Glenn B


mitchrodee said...

Elect a clown, expect a circus. If Trump didn’t continually interrupt—a rule he agreed to abide by—nobody could have had reprimanded him.

riverrider said...

bout the same. tuned in late, got pissed when biden challenged trump to condemn white racist militia violence. yeah, he said that.

Glenn B said...

I would have thought the semi commie Wallace would have interrupted Biden as well for the few interruptions I saw in the short time I watched and for the laughing at President Trump has he gave his answers. The laughing was just as crude as were Trump's interruptions and when you think about it laughing like that while your opponent is speaking is also a form of interruption. You may think President Trump is a clown but in the context of what he's done so far in his presidency I think he's the best damn president we've had in the almost 65 years that I've been on this Earth. That said, I granth he should have kept his mouth shut when it was not his time to speak and thought of what he was going to say in response to Biden instead of just blurting out whatever it was came out of his mouth.

Jonathan H said...

I didn't even consider watching the debate... I knew it would be pointless...