Monday, April 20, 2020

Revolution Of A Different Sort

Good morning fellow insomniacs and earthlings. I woke up this morning and looked at the time, it was 0255. I could not get back to sleep mostly because that is just the way it is sometimes but also because the mongrel Skye was snoring. I looked at Fox News and FB awhile on my phone; then went downstairs.
I thought of what to do and decided, what better to do than take pictures of my latest acquisition and show it off. It's a Sig Arms (must have been made around time of transition to Sig Sauer because it has Sig Sauer grips) GSR Revolution RCS, 1911 style, 45 caliber pistol in black stainless steel. I own only a few guns in SS but no others in black SS. It's not a full sized1911 but is a nice compact type; I think the barrel is 4 to4.5", will measure it later. It came with two magazines, the case and all papers including the original sales receipt from 2007. I had to pull of the price sticker to see it was manufactured April 6, 2007 (why seller's cover important info like that is beyond me). Anyway, the first down-payment by original buyer was made in May 2007 and he picked in up in June same year. The original price was $1049.99 plus tax; I got it for considerably less and it appears to be in pristine and possibly unfired condition. It may be the nicest looking pistol I own. I am debating making it a safe queen or shooting up a storm with it:

Now back to the sack; the bitch will be needing to go for a walk sometime between 0660 and 0700 and I need some sleep before then!

All the best,
Glenn B

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