Saturday, April 4, 2020

NOW They Want Us To Wear Masks!!!

NOW the CDC wants us all to wear masks to cover our noses and mouths to prevent the spread of COVID-19! This pisses me off bigtime!

What gets me is the arsehat politicians, bureaucrats and medical experts (medical personnel including many, many, many doctors) told us that wearing masks was only, I repeat only, a good idea for medical and first responder personnel. Those fuckers wanted the masks only for themselves (then many medical personnel were reported to be stealing them) and in their short sighted selfishness they often stated that if not for them no one would get medical attention thus the reason they needed them. While that may be true once a virus spread throughout the population, I say it was bullshit at the time they said they were the only ones who masks would help. Had the virus not spread as much as it did as rapidly as it did - then it would have been likely we would not have needed all of that medical attention in the first place. Wearing masks may well have prevented the spread - not so much that it would prevent you from catching it but that it would prevent those who had it from spreading it. In fact now they are actually demanding, in some places, that is that everyone wear one.
The thing is, and this has been known for years but practiced usually only by Asian cultures, that wearing a mask helps to prevent you from spreading an airborne contagion if you have it in your respiratory system. You talk, cough, sneeze and whatever comes out of you gets stuck in the mask you are wearing. So, had people been told to wear these all along, the infection rate likely would have been cut dramatically. Now - that it is all over the country and ravaging large urban areas where folks are crammed together (NYC population as of 2018 was estimated to be: 8,398,748 - source) they want everybody to wear them but its kind of late for that or I think. 

Anyway, where the heck are people supposed to get them? They are now saying use bandanas, paper towels, t-shirts - the next thing you know they will tell you to wear a plastic bag over your head. These fools really need to be booted out of power once this is under control and I mean as in a purge of at least 90% if not more of them. Yet, you can bet - once this is over they will be pounding their chests telling you what great things they did and between poundings they will be pointing their fingers trying to blame the other guy for screwing up. Sadly - we probably will accept it as status quo as we go back to work wearing the inevitable I Survived The Corona Virus 2020 or some other stupid shit. 

Stay healthy,
Glenn B


"Zack" said...

I wanna wear an old fashioned cloth badguy bandanna emblazoned with depictions of the Corona-19 virus ... yep.

Glenn B said...

You are a braver soul than me. Wearing a bandanna with the rona (as my son calls it)pictured on it might be cause for some paranoid arsehat to shoot you.

Glenn B said...

Hey Zack, I have wanted to comment on your blog several time over the past couple or few months and cannot find a way to do so - have you closed comments down?

"Zack" said...

Illinois is the reflaggiest of the redflag states and my county is redder than red. Some of the comments I was receiving around a year or more ago were weird ... almost like bad actors trying to leave something provocative to see if I would agree ... like I was being baited. Just publishing the comment without a response could have been interpreted as me agreeing with it. I hate to delete or not publish comments so I decided it was best to just shut them down on each of my new posts (comments are still open for old posts if they relate to the post). I found three (maybe four) other sites that also indicated they were being baited into saying or agreeing with something that would trigger a red flag.

It's a crazy world ...