Friday, April 10, 2020

Have You Been Wearing A Mask

...that is if you have been able to find any? I have some really cheap ones, bought a 5 pack at a tag sale awhile back but three of four have already essentially fallen apart (probably made in Wuhan) when I used them only about once each. Then yesterday, someone I saw at the local dog park gave me an unopened pack of five of them. Yes, gave them as in free - how nice. I owe him some beers. Otherwise, you cannot find them around here and I have no talent for sewing to make my own. Anyway, I could not find the materials to make a decent few if I wanted to find the components. All that stuff is sold out; although, I may be able to find a brassiere. Heck, it might be fun just looking to see if they have any bras for sale or if they are sold out like everything else used as, or to make, a mask.

Whatever, I have been wearing a mask for the past few days when out shopping, but essentially only inside the stores. When I am out walking Skye my mongrel, neither of us wear one (no I don't have any for the mutt). Before going inside a place like Sam's Club, Wally World, Dollar General or Cash Saver - I put it on before getting out of my car and take it off when I get back to my car. Been using one over and over until it craps out. The ones I have barely last a store or three if that long. Regardless of the masks, I am now really trying to limit my time shopping. No panic, just some prudence. You gotta go sometime - it's just a matter of when and how as I see it but there's no need to hurry it.

As for donning the masks, I'm wearing them not so much for me. Mine are worn over my beard and thus, while they may offer some, they do not offer full protection for me but they will work to protect others in the event I cough or sneeze and happen to unknowingly spew forth the demon seed of the disease of the millennium. Even if not for that, I've had an infection in my nasal passages and do not want to spread that around; antibiotics seem to be working so not to worry that it's the dreaded 'rona v' (rona v © Brendan B & Glenn B April 2020).

What about you are you wearing one at all?

Stay healthy my friends.

All the best,
Glenn B


Anonymous said...

Only when dealing directly with patients, in which case it is an N95 and full PPE.

I will not wear one otherwise. I am not sick, and if I was, I would be home in bed.

Walking around in masks and gloves like Asians do is just stupid.

michigan doug said...

Not wearing one.
People that do are keeping their shit away from me.
Can't find any masks for sale.

John in Philly said...

We sewed up some masks and wear them when we expect contact with people.
We do not wear them if we are going out for a walk.

We haven't been outside enough with the masks to put them through a wash cycle yet.

"Zack" said...

I wear the surgical mask and the blue rubber gloves just to be fashionable. Seems to be around mebbe 30% of the folks wear them and 70% don't. Of the masks I have seen, well over half of them are improvised.

Glenn B said...

So Witold,are you implying that everyone who is sick and who can transmit the virus knows it and should be home in bed or is it possible there some out there who are infected and do not know it and are walking around without masks? Is it possible when coughing or sneezing or breathing they are spewing out COVID-19 and infecting others? I would think so. Wouldn't a mask help prevent them from spreading the disease? Again, I would think so and all of my training in personal protective equipment has indicated such.