Thursday, April 23, 2020

Damn - I Am Hankering For a Range Trip

The local indoor range, a few miles from my place is open; I know because I picked up a gun there and did the transfer earlier this week or was it Saturday last week. Whenever, they were open. As I was waiting for the paperwork to get done, a range officer went into the range to help another one fix a target hanger that I guess had come off the track or whatever. As they were working on it, them both a yard or two forward of the firing line, there was a guy on the first point putting his gear away. I watched on their surveillance monitor over the counter. I mentioned to the owner that the guy was handling his pistol while her employees were downrange. She looked and in essence said 'meh'; I watched some more and watched him load the pistol while kneeling on one knee and bent over it like no one would see him do it. I mentioned that he was loading it, she mumbled something and did not even glance up at the monitor. I don't think I'll be shooting there.

As for the outdoor range I go to, it's as bad or worse but sometimes no one else is there and then it's usually a good day for me. I may drive there tomorrow and shoot if I am the sole person there. Since it's in AR, it is probably open.

All the best,
Glenn B


Bigus Macus said...

My esteemed Gov. Ralph Blackface Northam (D) has closed our ranges in Virginia. He considers them as entertainment and are there for non essential.

Glenn B said...


hjets said...

I went to a private range several years ago to meet the guy to get an application. Outdoor range and fairly selective membership. When I got to the 100 yard range, I was told the guy I needed to see was down range putting up a target. There were 4 rifles on individual benches. All the actions were closed. I thought it was strange. When my guy got back, the guys with the rifles just sat on the benches and pulled the triggers. All 4 of those rifles were loaded.
I changed my mind about joining there.