Wednesday, October 2, 2019


 While the above title is meant to be a satirical one liner, I have to wonder is it as far fetched as it sounds. The police chief in Thousand Oaks, CA reportedly effectively closed down a charity event for a fallen police officer's family, by withdrawing his department from the event. Why did he do that? He did it, the report says, because he did not like the fact that Republicans or other Trump supporters had been invited to it. What next Chief Hagel - will it be that if you hear of a crime in progress, in which the victim is a known conservative, you will tell your officers not to respond! My little bit of satire is not so far fetched after all if the source article got it right. More at the source.

It's really getting crazy in that it seems everything that some folks do is based on politics and if one of those folks is either an elected or appointed official - and is basing how they carry out their official duties on party affiliation - well then, that person needs to be removed from office without delay, in my opinion.

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