Wednesday, September 25, 2019

More Gun Cleaning Today

Used to be I'd go to the range and once I was finished shooting I'd clean my guns at the range (if it was allowed). Otherwise, I'd head home and clean them there. I'd rarely wait until the next day to get that done especially for my carry guns. Nowadays, my bones creak, I don't see as well as I used to (had to put on two pairs of readers yesterday when assembling a Remington Model 141 bolt), I am not as eager about almost anything as I used to be & have become The Great Procrastinator and I sometimes wind up detail stripping & cleaning some of my guns weeks or even months after firing them. It's not that I'm lazy; well yes, maybe it is just that at times but at other times I realize that some of them do not need a complete cleaning, or any cleaning at all, as frequently as after each time they are shot.

Wow, did I just write that? It sure looks as if I did. Truth is, I clean them when I can get around to it and sometimes I just forget when it's gone too long; then I realize I did not clean them next time at the range or during my regular three to four times per year of regular maintenance. Of the 5 rifles and two pistols I brought to the range over the past weekend, I have cleaned only three so far. My carry gun, my Beretta 950BS and the Remington 141 and that took me , maybe an hour and a half because I detail stripped the bolt & putting it back together too 2/3 of that time. I really needed three hands and I don't have a third hand in the form of a vise. 

Anyhow, today I will be cleaning more of them, probably as soon as I finish this post. The first one to get scrubbed with Gunzilla and then slathered with Break Free CLP will be will be my Marlin 36 and I am ashamed to say has not been cleaned yet. It would be a crying shame if I let the remaining case color on it (and it has a lot of it) get ruined because I did not clean it. I'd hate to see a grown man cry, particularly me, but that is what I'd do right after kicking myself in mine arse should I ruin that gun due to neglect - it is a nice one.

Then onto the other rifles which I will clean at my leisure, if not all today then some today and the rest tomorrow. That said, I'd best get going and do it now because as a friend of mine used to say - a clean gun is a happy gun.

All the best,
Glenn B

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