Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Ordered An Uncle Mike's Pistol Mag Case...

...from Amazon, for my Glock  30 magazines. I put the order in on Monday and the package was delivered maybe a half hour ago. Not bad until you consider what was inside the bubble wrap envelope:

Yep, that was all that was inside the package - the backer-board for the magazine case. I actually ordered two of these, one from an outside retailer via Amazon and one from Amazon Prime. This was the order from Amazon Prime; the other one is due Friday. I got in touch with Amazon customer service via their automated robo-assistance online and asked for someone to call me. A rep got in touch with me, I am guessing from Pakistan by the sound of him, within a few seconds. He quickly arranged for a replacement to be shipped to me. 

In the same phone call, I also cancelled a return I had arranged for several Hydrosorbent Silica Gel packs I ordered a couple of weeks ago. When they were delivered, I looked at the bags in which each of the eight of them I ordered were packed and saw they were all leaking a black powdery substance. Usually the stuff inside the canisters of this particular brand of silica gel are small round beads. 

I showed them to my son a couple or few days after I received them and had arranged for the return. He said something to the effect of: 'Pop, you realize you're looking at a picture on the outside of the packaging!' Well, to be quite honest and humiliated, no I had not realized that. I had thought the packaging was clear and I was looking at a mess inside. The black stuff I was seeing was just what I guess was an artistic shadow under the image of the product on the outside of the packaging. I canceled that return before I told the Amazon rep about the missing mag case. Man, was that ever so embarrassing. Getting old sucks (or at least I can blame my mistake on that).

Oh well, it's not like I am mistaking what I saw (and did not see) in the magazine pouch package; a double mag pouch would be hard to miss! The replacement should be here on Friday - hopefully they get it right this time.

All the best,
Glenn B

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