Sunday, June 9, 2019

Okay - So It Seems Like Forever...

...,since I last posted anything on the blog. In truth, it's been a week. I was down in AR for the last week, brought more things down to my storage locker and to my son's place. Darned storage locker is full side to side but has some room going up, that is it would if the bottom boxes were not already collapsing under the weight of those higher up. I have more stuff but not all that much and it will get squeezed in there on my next trip to AR. That one is likely to nbe my last trip out of NY; then comes the wait for an apartment in either TX or TN. I am not about to live in AR on half my pension and have to pay state income tax - thus TX or TN. Right now, I am banking on the Texarkana, TX area for an apartment because it is closer to brendan in benton, AR bt if I buy a house with some land, it may be in TN because the land is less expensive there (and it is greener there too). of course, it is also about an hour and a half to two hours further from benton (at least where I would buy) but that would be okay I suppose.

More blogging later.

All the best,

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