Saturday, April 6, 2019

Trump Is President & Now Millenials Are Drinking Less

So, millennials are reportedly drinking less. All sorts of reasons for that phenomenon, evne that the presumption of less drinking is not correct, are given here at the source.
Of course, the only mention of president Trump in that a rticle refers to how someone got drunk because he was about to become president. Well, maybe there is a reason, other than those given in the article that has at least a little something to do with these so called millennials drinking less. 

Do you think there may be a slight correlation between them drinking less and the fact that more people are employed than under any other president since my teens and my teenage years were quite awhile ago! Maybe these young punks (yes I used to be considered a young punk by my elders way back when too) are actually growing up and realizing if they want to make a decent life for themselves they have to work for a living and since work has been and remains available, because of president Trump, why not get with it, become responsible and get a job and drink less to keep that job! 

Just a thought.

All the best,
Glenn B

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riverrider said...

i think the real reason is they are drinking crappy beer and crappy liquor. who the hell can drink much of that stuff. couple that with the prices they charge, the wage at mcdonald's doesn't go very far.