Wednesday, April 3, 2019

I Just Realized...

...that almost everything I need to do around the house before selling it has been done. Basement is painted (walls and floor), my stuff is packed and ready to move (once I rent the van), almost all of our bills are paid (I keep up on our bills very well), junk has been thrown out, garage loft mostly clear (ground floor full of our stuff but much of that goes when I go), I may do a little lawn work and gardening like planting some flowers to spruce it up for the open house, and may scrub clean the white vinyl fence in the backyard (finding my one missing Russian Tortoise would be a plus back there) but other than that I am just about finished. Yeah, we have divorce mediators to meet and need to see a tax attorney but that still leaves a lot of free time between now and the open house on the 13th & 14th. I just may have to go fishing!

All the best,
Glenn B

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pigpen51 said...

I know, divorce is always a hard thing, but at least you have a handle on things, and are keeping ahead of things that could derail you. I wish you the best, and hope that the next phase of your life is rewarding and pleasant.
That being said, I know that you will have your low points in the coming weeks, even though you might be a strong man. And having gone through the same thing only when I was 30 years old, sometimes it can suck. The hardest thing for me was being alone, when something good happened to me. I was playing in a band, and we had some pretty great success. And I didn't have anyone to share it with. That was the hardest thing, when the other people in the group all had partners, I was single. But I joined the band just to have an outlet for my creativity. So I was lucky in that way. And I also bought some land and put a trailer on it to live in, and had a place to hunt and shoot. So slowly, I got myself back on my feet.
I also got to play music in front of 10,000 people a few times, and did some session work a few times as well.
I wish you the best of luck, and know that you will come out not only standing but jumping.