Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Gov. Cuomo - Slimiest & Best Paid Of Them All

Governor Cuomo, of NY, has apparently cut funding to the Special Olympics by $50,000.00 (source). Yet, he is set to receive a $21,000.00 pay increase this year, another $25,000.00 pay increase next year and another $25,000 pay increase in 2021! The raises came as NY lawmakers worked on the state budget and some were not happy about the provisions for Cuomo's pay increases being thrown in at the proverbial last minute:  

"Some lawmakers grumbled that the measure was thrown in at the last minute, while they were grappling with the new $175.5 billion state budget." (Source.)

Not only is Cuomo set to receive those raises, he defends them. Of course there is also this tidbit - state legislators also received pay raises from a salary of $79,500 to $130,000. Yes folks, that's an almost 64% raise for some of the slimiest politicians in the swamp but I imagine one slimy swamp denizen slimes the other.  More at this source on all that. 

As I understand, the pay raises will make Cuomo the highest paid governor in the nation. Not only will NY have the highest paid governor but with a $19.00 toll on the Verrazzano Bridge (also spelled Verrazano but apparently that is not how Verrazzano spelled it) we also have the highest toll anywhere in the nation!  They even have the balls to call it a round trip toll but if you only go one way, the one by which you have to pay the toll, you pay the full amount but such are politicians and their bullshit! The result being: Screw you CA - whatever CA does NY outdoes it.
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