Sunday, April 14, 2019

Damn This House Selling Stuff Could Take Awhile

I keep hearing it is a seller's market when it comes to home sales and I keep seeing prices of homes rising (both here where we are selling and down south where I have been looking to buy). A seller's market  is okay for us since we are selling our house but it's not going to be so great for me in finding a place for myself after we separate. 

Anyway, I am none too sure yet if it really is a sellers' market. I say that because we had an open house yesterday and today. Yesterday, I think it was five sets of folks who showed up; today maybe it was six. There were at least three sets of seemingly interested folks here yesterday and at least one or two today along with one guy who showed up at the last minute and was so disinterested he spent all of two minutes looking around. 

Anyway, getting back to those showing interest - a couple from yesterday made an offer on the house already. I do not think that they have heard it is a seller's market. I say that because their offer was 30K below our asking price. Of course, that may change when we make a counter offer or if we get a bid from someone else in the meantime. I am hopeful we get one or two bids from folks who showed up today and maybe one more from another couple who was here yesterday. 

Now mind you, I realize that this weekend is the first time the house was shown. We may get others to come by during the week and we will be having another open house - probably on the weekend after Easter. One thing that my wife and I agree on is that we should not settle for an offer below a certain amount. Surprisingly enough, we both agree on that amount. Let me just say, it is a heck of a lot more than an offer 30K below our asking price.

Then again, if we hit the lottery soon (for a big amount) - we may just give the house to our kids.

All the best,
Glenn B

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