Sunday, February 10, 2019

I've Got To Show This To My Local Gin Mill Owner

While I was away for a gun auction this weekend, I stopped in a tavern by the name of Tavern (that's all I saw on the sign outside) in Penn Yan, NY. After a drink, I grabbed a bar menu figuring to get some decent eats in my belly and that is when I saw what might be one of the best menu items I have ever seen for the hungry drunk.

Could be the greatest menu item ever. No, not the Phiily Cheese Steak!

No, I did not order it, I was not hungry enough and did not want to waste any part of those delectable goodies. I will say this though: The next time I am in Penn Yan, NY - I will stop there again and I will make sure I am hungry enough to order it. The only thing I might ask for different than what is in that mess would be Mac & Cheese instead of macaroni salad.

As it stands now though, I need to show that menu offering to the owner of my local gin mill. They offer a really good variety of food already but nothing as appealing as this would be to someone with my lack of taste.

All the best,
Glenn B

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