Saturday, September 9, 2017

Just When I Think I'll Be In The Black...

...because I have worked the last few weeks and been able to save some cash, I get hit with a couple of medical bills that took the wind out of my sails. Went in for a PET CT Scan on the advice of my ENT back in June or so. He seemed convinced I had cancer again or at least that is what he convinced me that he was thinking. He urged me to get the test done and said 'it is the best way to determine if the cancer has returned'. So what would yo do! Hell, I had the test done pronto. In July, I received an outpatient hospital
bill for the test in the amount of about $250; I also received a explanation of benefits from my insurer showing the same amount owed. In late August, or maybe it was earlier this month, I received another explanation of benefits from my insurer saying I owed $1,038.95 for the same thing. I called them and they confirmed they had recalculated, apparently because they had fucked up the first time around, and that was the number. On top of that, I also received another bill, this one for a doctor, in the amount of $71.34 for the same test. I now owe $1110.29 and that has caused me to dismay the dwindling bank account balance that I thought would be used for something nice like helping pay my property taxes! I guess that ain't happening and I will see the balance depleted by even more for that next month.

I suppose  should not complain about it. After all, I could be a welfare slug/drug dealer who would have the bill paid for in full by Obummer care and thus be putting the burden on taxpayers. I just couldn't see myself doing that no matter how much I profited by being a blood suck dirtbag.

Next time though that the doc recommends such n expensive test, I am telling him to opt for a regular CT scan or an MRI first and then only go with the more expensive test if either of those come out positive. Friggin doctors are getting as bad as lawyers when it comes to sucking you dry. I should go by some Powerball tickets.

All the best,
Glenn B

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Daniel Barger said...

Sorry but if you REALLY need to know if you have a recurrence than a PET scan is FAR superior to an MRI.....and by the time a CT shows a recurrence you would almost
certainly have metastatic lesions. I know that imaging studies are expensive but look at it this way. You are renting a MULTI MILLION dollar machine....the services of a HIGHLY TRAINED technologist, the use of a VERY expensive and short lived pharmaceutical ( the FDG you were injected with ) and the expertise of a MD with more than half a decade of special training on how to read images. And finally all that expensive stuff gets you an a very important question. So while I do believe healthcare costs too much you also get a log of bang for your buck.

If you want to discuss WHY things cost so much that's another VERY complicated issue with much of the blame coming from the fact that providers MUST by law take care of a LOT of people who will NEVER PAY A DIME for their care. So those costs get shifted to productive people.