Sunday, July 16, 2017

Dallas Wants To Tear Down Police Wall of Honor

The city of Dallas, TX wants a wall, erected on private property but without a permit and then adorned with a scene to honor the five police officers shot dead at a Black Lives Matter rally last year, torn down. More here at the source.

You know, sometimes you have to say fuck the permit system and let things go but if you cannot do that then at least arrive at some sort of compromise that will allow this wall of honor to remain standing. Heck, put it in another location or keep where it is in modified form to suit the city. I mean, after all, we are talking about something that honors five police officers killed in the line of duty!

Something tells me though that in this Bizarro World in which we live, the leftist loon power mongers in charge probably would choose to honor the killer or BLM and then frame it as them being concerned that someone may find such a wall of honor offensive.

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