Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Really Smoking For The First Time

Here I sit, shirtless, my nearly milky white flesh basking in the sun and I swear I truly am smoking for the first time ever. No not a cigarette, nor cigar nor joint and not me going up in smoke. I have a 6.25 pound leg of lamb on the Oklahoma Joe's smoker that Brendan left behind when he moved to AR. So I am smoking meat, in a real smoker, for the very first time. I will admit to having lightly smoked a leg of lamb once before in my regular BBQ grill with a small fire box containing woodchips that was sitting over or near one of the burners but that was and is not the same as what I am doing now. The smoker today has had smoke billowing from it ever since I added the first piece of wood maybe 1 or 1.5 hours after I had it going with just coals alone. This is the real deal.

Okay, it's been about 2 hours or a bit more since I wrote the above paragraph. My shirt has been back on for a long time now since I burn all to easily but the lamb is still cooking in the smoker. The temperature in that iron monstrosity has ranged anywhere from about 200 to 325, it reached the hotter temp when I added the first piece of wood. I have been trying to keep it at aruond 225 to 250. I finally got it figured out I think and the temp has been fairly steady in between 225 and 250 and maybe as high as 275; although, I just threw on a bit more charcoal and another small piece of hickory (first piece of wood on the coals was a quarter piece of I have no clue from our woodpile). By the time I go back outside to check again - who knows how high the temp will be.
A hefe weissbier to help pass the time.
The smoker is in background.
The lamb looked great last time I looked at it especially since it is encrusted with a mesquite flavored seasoning. I am trying to keep the smoke chamber end of the deal closed on advice of Brendan) so the temp remains steady but have opened it thrice now to turn the meat and to add a small bowl of water (the water bowl was also Brendan's advice). The lamb's been in there since 220 PM and it's 555 PM now so just over 3.5 hours.

Anyway, I just came inside to add a dram of vodka to the lemonade I have been drinking. Had two Paulaner Hefe Weissbiers earlier but want something a little lighter now. I had best get back outside to check the temp again. Would hate for it to get overcooked. I have a meat thermometer stuck into it and am going to consider it done once it reaches 135. I am bloody well hoping that means it will be dripping blood medium rare.

More later,

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