Saturday, April 22, 2017

Target Sports USA - My Go To Ammo (and more) Dealer

I have no clue how much ammo my son has on hand now that he has moved to Arkansas (about two months or so ago). I am sure he did not have room to bring all that much and he did not take any from the basement where I keep mine - so I am pretty sure it is not too much. Once he go to AR, he ought himself his first pistol a Glock 43. I recently ordered him a couple of extra magazines for it from Sportsmansguide, they had a decent price on them at $50.38 for two shipped.

After that I ordered him some ammo too. It was not 9mm ammo since he said he bought a couple or few hundred rounds of 9mm when he bought the Glock 43. So, I bought him some 5.56x45mm for his ARs. I ordered an ammo can of 420 rounds through Target Sports USA for about $155 shipped. I sent it to him with an adult signature required.

Target Sports USA shipped the ammo via FedEx. The ammo was delivered within 5 days of my order, maybe even on the 4th day. That was great but the thing I noticed when I checked the FedEx tracking information was that they essentially left it on his doorstep without getting an adult signature. I had requested and paid $4.50 extra to assure an adult signature for the shipment. He got the order but I got charged for something that was not delivered - the adult signature. I called Target Sports USA about it.

As was explained to me, and I believe because I had difficulty assigning my son's address to the Target Sports USA order as the delivery address, they had to create a manual shipping label. When they did so, it appeared as if they forgot to add the adult signature requirement for FedEx. Well, as a result of my call to Target Sports USA customer service, I received a refund that same day for the adult signature option. That was quick and handled well and the rep was extremely courteous.

They have been my go to ammo dealer in the past two years or so. I shop at others too but I like them the best for price and speed of delivery and now because they seemingly have excellent customer service too. A hat tip to them and especially to the lady who handled my call.

All the best,
Glenn B

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