Saturday, April 22, 2017

I've Been Meaning To Pick Up A Set of These...

...for quite the while but kept forgetting while on my weekly or biweekly grocery and dry goods runs to Costco. Today while I was walking out of an aisle where I had just grabbed some needed stuff, I saw a guy at the end of the aisle rummaging through a stack of ammo cans. I had seen them before and I thought maybe I could use a set but did not pick any up because there was no room in my cart. Then, when I really needed another can or three, I just plain out forgot to grab a set. Today tough, the other guy grabbing a couple of sets was the kick in the head I needed, so to speak, to grab myself a set.

The set I am talking about is a heritage Security products 30/50 caliber set of two ammo cans. The 30 caliber sized can comes packaged, wrapped in bubble wrap, inside the 50 caliber can.

I have no clue if they are as good as ones I already have that I think were made in the USA. These were, (I found out after I got home) made in China. I guess the quality probably lacks some as compared to those made here but they look and feel alright. Anyway, I took a shot  without checking where they were made and grabbed one set. I figure as long as the gasket creates a good seal they will be alright and the gasket appears well made and fitted. They seem about the same gauge steel as the USA made cans but I am not sure about that and have no way to measure. The paint looks good and so too the welds. The hinges also look good and function well. My guess is they will be as good for my purposes as any other ammo cans I already own. If the ammo boxes stored in them don't smell moldy after 6 months to a year, I will know I made a good purchase. Time will tell.

Compared to prices I have seen online, that require a shipping fee as well as the cost of the cans, these were offered at a decent to good price. At $18.99 (plus tax) per set, it was about as good as it gets for one of each of these cans and I did not have to wait for them to be shipped, was able to examine them before making the purchase, and have ammo in them already. In fact, these are brand new and they were offered at a better price than the prices most places ask for used cans. Now if only Costco would start selling ammunition (and American made ammo cans)!

All the best,
Glenn B

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