Saturday, March 11, 2017

It's Tough to Find But I Sold A Spam Can...

...of 440 rounds of 7.62X54R today. I sold it at a lower price than most are offered today but still made a fair profit on the sale. Truth be told, I wish I had more of them to sell but I only have a couple of others so would not even consider selling them. Anyway, I am slowly but surely building up funds for the next Hessney Gun Auction I plan to attend later this month. This one is slated as an Early Gun & Military Auction on one of their website's pages and as An Early Gun & Military Auction on another. I think the former is correct after looking over what lots they have listed already.

This time around, I may use a different strategy than what I have used during other auctions. Instead of bidding on a large number of firearms, I am thinking of concentrating on only three or four at most. In fact, there is one I am sighting in on in particular. I have seen only their online pics of it but should get a better look at the auction preview the night before the auction. I usually freely talk or blog about which one are those of interest to me but not this time - I want that one badly enough to keep mum about it.

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