Friday, February 17, 2017

Robo Customs & Border Protection Officer

Customs & Border protection plans to use a robotic officer to determine if travelers entering (and maybe leaving) the country are being truthful or not. Well, at least they have been testing such a device but my bet is if they are testing at least they hope to use it. More here:

When you read that article, of course you noticed that the article did not say the device would be used to interview arriving aliens to determine if they had ill intent for the USA or its citizens. Oh no - CBP would reportedly use it to find out if you have fruits or vegetables or maybe to ask if you are carrying weapons (after you get off of the plane is how it seems from the article).

Yes, one professor or someone like that suggested it could be used to find terrorists but that is not how the article suggests it would be used by CBP. Mind you, I am not faulting CBP, I figure they would use it for seeking out terrorists among arriving aliens; I am faulting the reporter who wrote that piece for not outright saying it should most definitely be used to seek out and prevent terrorists from entering our country.

I say - use it first and foremost on those arriving from foreign to determine if they are terrorists, plan to do harm to the USA or its citizens, will follow our laws or not - and watch those with ill intent dwindle from entering through land border crossings, airports and seaports by way of visa programs.

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