Friday, February 17, 2017

Have The Laws Of Physics Changed Or...

...has there been some sort of a cosmic shift, like the one in the book Dirk Gentley's Hollistic Detective Agency that caused the couch to get stuck in the turn of the stairway where it easily had passed before?

I only ask because suddenly our microwave oven no longer fits on the shelf where it has sat securely enough even though precariously on the edge for the past couple or few years. Over the past few days, when you open the door, the darned thing starts to fall off of the shelf and no the door is not hitting anything. Now, I know the shelf size has not changed and am wondering if somehow the back section of this hybrid microwave/convection oven expanded due to overheating or something like that, or maybe the back wall of the shelf area somehow has bulged. I guess I may notice that later when I remove it and replace it with the new one I just ordered. The new one being quite a bit smaller should sit there much more securely and its feet not be near the shelf edge.

If the back of the unit and the back of the cubbyhole in which it sits both appear normal, I am going to go with the cosmic shift hypothesis. Heaven knows, things in general have certainly been bizarre as of late.

All the best,
Glenn B

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