Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Upcoming Attempted Assassination Of President Donald Trump

I will be amazingly and happily surprised if there is not at least one serious assassination attempt made against President Donald Trump within the next 6 months at most  but I believe one is imminent within that time frame. The American left evidently has become that completely anti-everything that is not in complete agreement with their absolutely foggy leftist agenda. They are totally intolerant of anything not falling within their extremely bizarre parameters and Trump is their main antagonist in their eyes.

As evidence of that, not only can you look to the civil unrest  that was unleashed by the left upon Donald Trump becoming the lawfully elected president, to the numerous threats against him that have been made via social media and via public events such as when Madonna said she had considered blowing up the White House (source), to the head of a Secret Service office saying in essence that she would not defend the president (source - a leftist or at least liberal source at that) but now we also have this - a teacher allegedly shooting an image of Donald Trump while screaming "die" (source).

Yes, I had thought that maybe some good old racist white boy from the south would try to off Obama and that did not come to pass but then again he was a democrat just like most of those so called good old boys from the south. Trump, on the other hand is a Republican or at least ran as one, though he is as far removed from the RINOs as I can imagine (and that is a good thing). Anyway, it is definitely the left that is making threats against him and that seemingly poses the biggest credible threat to him. Yes indeed, I would be amazingly and happily surprised if such does not come to pass but with the current rabidity of the whackos on the left, I see it coming sooner than later and that is a bad thing.

Stay safe Mr. President Trump and keep doing what you are doing because we who voted for you, and by now I am sure many who did not vote for you, see you as the only person who has a chance of saving the United States of America from economic collapse and from the utter destruction of our Constitutional Republic by anarchists and leftists.

All the best,
Glenn B

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