Thursday, January 26, 2017

I Could See Him Getting Bitch Slapped...

...good and hard for screaming repeatedly into someone's ear like that, or maybe even being beaten to a bloody pulp.


Not that I necessarily advocate violence in return for screaming but  I would think the guy being yelled at could think his hearing in jeopardy and that he may believe it to be a threat of serious injury and act accordingly. Of course, the fact that the asshole is not only screaming in the guy's ear but is also shoving into him with his body possibly could be considered assault in some places, and a threat of serious bodily injury since the guy being shoved seems to almost loose his balance a couple of times, which could result in a a fall and a serious injury and thus possibly could justifiably deserve force in return (again - in some places). I assure you, I would not idly have stood for what the jerk-off in the maroon cap was doing if it was being done to me and I felt so threatened I would have taken legal actions to defend myself until the threat had ceased.

All the best,
Glenn B

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Sarthurk said...

Wirecutter pretty much said what I thought about that. Perfect op for the heel of hand straight up the jaw. I'd consider the immediate consequences, however, the beating might be worth it in this instance. I mean, hell, this little FUK is getting national attention, so why can't YOU, for FUKin' him up? I'll bet you could crowd fund your bail pretty quick!