Thursday, January 26, 2017

Good Riddance To An Alien of Sorts,....

Mark Morgan Border Patrol Chief,
hopefully nevermore. Photo source. least to someone alien to the U.S. Border Patrol until appointed to be its chief last June. In fact, U.S. Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan was the first to be assigned from outside of the ranks of the U.S. Border Patrol since its inception in 1924. Appointed by President Obama  mere months ago, Morgan was a former FBI agent and was also apparently believed to have committed wrongdoing therein (source). 

President Trump has ordered him out! That ouster will probably bode very well with the Border Patrol's union and rank & file considering that they opposed Morgan because he reportedly was supportive of President Obama's leniency toward illegal aliens (source). The Border Patrol union and its rank & file considered this outsider a disgrace (source).  I say good riddance and don't let the border crossing hit you in the arse.

One has to wonder, what part of the term illegal alien was it that neither Obama nor Morgan understood to mean that they are here illegally and thus deserve nothing from us while those who wait, for years, to enter legally (and I mean those without refugee status) were pretty much ignored and forgotten by Obama.  Hopefully President Trump will set this all right and legal immigration to our land by law abiding immigrants will become the desired norm as opposed to the entry of illegal aliens being accepted as normal or desired in any way shape of form.

Trump draining the swamp - I love it.

All the best,
Glenn B

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