Sunday, January 29, 2017

So Today I Got A Can Of This... start to refinish this:

Ugly - isn't it!
I painted it that color scheme to bring it to a Bloggershoot in NH a couple of years ago and then forgot it at home when Brendan and I drove up there for the fun. The paint was supposed to be a whole lot redder and not pink but it is what it is I guess (I hate that saying but it fits so well here). I was going to use it in the closing zombie charge of the blogger shoot and I am sure it would have gotten a lot of laughs.

Since then, it has just sat locked away, never had the urge since painting it to bring it to my local range like that. I have not started stripping off the paint yet because - while I am kind of, sort of, almost positively certain I want to refinish it - there is the consideration of pissing off she who must be obeyed once the fumes reach the living room, where she is currently watching television. The fumes almost certainly will start her bitching at me admonishing me for doing it in the house. Oh well, I suppose it has to get done, so either tonight while she is asleep or tomorrow while she is at work. Mind you, that is not procrastination for the sake of procrastination, that is playing it safe.

My only other concern is I am a bit worried that the paint remover will destroy whatever finish is on the metal under the paint. If it does, oh well I can repaint it and go zombie hunting with it. Maybe I should first test that on the bayonet that is hiding around here somewhere.

All the best,
Glenn B


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B said...

Why not just us plain old paint thinner? That shouldn't hurt the blueing or parkerizing....