Saturday, January 14, 2017

CMP National Matches

 Volunteering for temporary work asignments used to be a bad habit of mine but one that got me lots of free travel. I haven't volunteered for virtualy anything since I retired but considered doing so dor the CMP National Matches last year but never got around to it. Got an email from the CMP today; they are seeking volunteers to work their national matches in June and July. I signed up for aeveral days at the rifle matches at the end of June and for the pistol matches on July 1 & 2. 

If they select me, I am guessing it could be an interesting and fun time. Heck, I might even decide to join the fun as a competitor in the pistol match. Anyway, I would be doing my part to help a decent organization promote the shooting sports and the RKBA.

All the best, 
Glenn B

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