Monday, January 30, 2017

A Nice Day At The Zoo - Nope!

There is a new Darwin Award nominee who, I think, is sure to be a winner. If climbing over two fences, to get into a zoo for free, and winding up being mauled to death in the tiger enclosure does not qualify one to win a Darwin Award - then what could qualify! More here.

There is a pretty gruesome video, on YouTube, of the man being mauled. I won't embed it here but will supply the link in the event some of you want to watch it. I watched pars of it, not nice at all. It is at this link:

I am sure it will be removed soon but as I type, it is still available. I think regardless of the violent content, or maybe because of it, YouTube should not remove it in as much as it is a great reminder to assholes that they need to think before doing things like climbing over fences to avoid paying admission fees. The really sad thing is the guy had a job and paid for his wife and kids to enter the zoo, then climbed over the barriers with a friend (a friend who did not climb into the tiger enclosure). So his wife and kids were there, at least nearby, when it happened. A nice day at the zoo it was not.

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