Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I Hate Lawyers in General But I'd Hire One...

...to sue any business on which premises I was injured because I was unable to defend myself because guns were not allowed therein. Well, I would sue if such an option was open to me. It might soon become a reality in MO where an incoming representative has proposed a bill allowing for such; the law in essence says: so you want a gun free zone then be responsible for anyone legal gun owner who gets injured and who was not carrying because of your no guns rule. More here. Sounds right on target to me.

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B said...

Invalid argument.

No one makes you enter those businesses.

Now, courthouses, Post Offices, DMV, State offices, other government buildings where you have to go etc., that is different one has no choice.

But no one makes you enter a movie theater, nor a store, nor a restaurant. You choose to, despite the sign and policies. Therefore you accept the risk.