Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trump Back Peddling

Donald Trump made many bold and refreshing campaign promises. Among the many, just to name a few, were that he would: 
prosecute Hillary Clinton, deport all illegal aliens, he will build a wall along our border with Mexico and Mexico will pay for it, would be very pro right to keep and bear arms, would appoint conservative Supreme Court Justices, would pull the U.S. out of NATO and on and on and on.

Of the ones I just mentioned he reportedly has stepped back on a number of those issues now that he is president elect. In his interview on 60 Minutes (as per this Fox news report) he in essence said this about some of those campaign promises:

He has not given prosecution of Hillary Clinton much thought.

He will build a structure along the Mexican border that will include some wall but also some fence (and believe me, there would be a big difference, a border fence is much more easily breached than is a border wall, I was in the Border Patrol for 4 years and state that as plain and simple fact).

He will deport criminal aliens - not mentioning the millions of illegals who do not fall into that category.

Has told President Obama that he intends to maintain our alliances within NATO (source).

If he is already changing his tune on those issues - think about what he will do as opposed to what he said he would do relative to all of the others. So, will he actually appoint conservative Supreme Court Justices? Will he support the RKBA? Will he be very tough on illegal immigration? Will he deport the illegal alien leeches who are sucking our system dry at the expense of the citizenry and legal resident aliens? Will be build that wall to keep them out? My vote was about the most valuable things I have in my possession and I don't need to waste what ones I cast on a lying sack of shit who goes back on his word virtually as soon as he is elected. As for Trump, I will give him the benefit of the doubt for now. Personally, I think it too soon to judge him; I figure let's give him a chance and see what he actually does. Then if he starts going back on his campaign promises, maybe we can sue him for breach of promise and have his arse kicked out of office. I am hoping though that he becomes the best president of my lifetime by keeping his promises to make America great again and that would mean he keeps those promises. Yet, I am gravely concerned and am wondering is he truly a Washington, DC outsider with a different way of running our country at heart or is he just another lying politician spewing forth from a mouth full of foul slimy swill and saying anything to get what he wants. Only his actions and time will tell but I will give him that chance to prove or disprove himself.

All the best,
Glenn B

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