Monday, November 14, 2016

CEO Threatens To Assassinate Trump

I always knew leftists were crazy, especially the ones without jobs who are still, at least figuratively, being breast fed by their mommies and having their daddies award them participation trophies despite them being losers. I just never kind of realized that the psychos also hold jobs and good ones at that.

The CEO of a San Diego cyber-security firm reportedly has posted blatant death threats, on social media sites, against president elect Donald Trump. He allegedly posted this to his Twitter account: "I’m going to kill the president. Elect,". He also reportedly posted that he in essence was getting a sniper rifle and positioning himself where it would count; he even challenged the Secret Service to 'bring it". More here.

Folks this is getting serious and I surprisingly fear we may be closer to a civil war than I imagined possible in my life time, one that will be started by the left (at least that part is no surprise to me).

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Glenn B


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