Monday, November 28, 2016

Today In History - Covered By Shit And Full of Bullshit

It's been too long since I did a Today in History piece and I have a whopper of a story for today.

Today is the 29th anniversary of the day that Tawana Brawley was found covered in shit and wrapped in plastic trash bags in Wappinger's Falls, NY. Soon after the discovery she commenced to spin a wild tale, a total fabrication (aka: bullshit), about having been kidnapped, tortured, having a racial slurs written on her body, some believed with shit, and raped repeatedly by a gang of white men among whom one displayed the badge of a police officer. 

I remember the story fairly well but if you do not, there is more on the story here at There is one thing in the article that really gets my gander up. I am flummoxed and angered as to how can actually say: "Unfortunately, Brawley’s story did not hold up to the close scrutiny that followed." Unfortunate - for whom? Was it unfortunate for that apparent lying piece of shit Tawana Brawley or for those three race baiting assholes Al Sharpton, Alton Maddox or C. Vernon Mason? Or was it unfortunate or for all of Brawley's supporters who stood behind her 100% regardless of the wild allegations made by her three stooges once it became clear as crystal that she had fabricated the whole thing? Or was it unfortunate for the media because several white men were not falsely arrested, prosecuted and sentenced and thus the media hoopla over this died once it was all shown to be vehement lies and they could not continue their show with it. No, that is not unfortunate, that is fortunate  - even though too late!

The fact of the matter is that it was quite fortunate that her story fell apart and evidently was nothing more than a sack of lies because the accused in the case were completely exonerated. Imagine what hardships they endured because of the racist and venomous lies spewed against them by Brawley and those three clowns. According to Steven Pagones, his marriage essentially fell apart du to the allegations (source). He left the district attorney's office and now works for a private concern. He spent years trying to clear his name and filed law suits against Brawley and her three confederates. While he won the law suits and was awarded monetary damages, the money could in no way actually compensate him for the torture his was put though due to the false allegations.

It amazes me that people believed, and some still believe, what claims were made against some of the accused such as the district attorney and the special prosecutor assigned to the case. Think about it, Brawley and her three stooges actually accused the district attorney of having taken part in raping her (probably because he stood up for their main suspect at the time, a police officer who committed suicide three days after the incident - but who was in no way related to it). They also accused the special prosecutor assigned to the case of masturbating over evidentiary photographs of her source (source) and the special prosecutor was not Anthony Weiner. Yeah, think about that for a moment and the utter absurdity of it. Just imagine the level of societal insanity that had to have existed for the politicians and bureaucrats to have assigned a special prosecutor to work that case in order to appease those who believed her allegations: so called black community leaders, many in the black community (many also thought she was lying), the media and other leftists and conspiracy theorists. Of course, the media ate it all up and put on a show like none before it.

So what has become of her. Last I read, she lives in Virginia working as a nurse and is or was paying restitution to Steven Pagones making her first payment in 2013 (source). Let's not forget though, she does not have to pay him a penny if she tells the truth and recants her accusations, as per an offer made by Pagones, but she has refused to do so despite the overwhelming evidence to date that she made up the whole thing possibly to avoid getting a beating from her step-father. Did I mention, we live in an insane world - I think that only in such a world would she continue to maintain her story as truthful.

A hat tip to Wirecutter who had news of the anniversary posted on his blog.

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