Tuesday, November 22, 2016

To The Woman In Walmart...

...who backed out of an aisle into which I was turning my shopping cart, then tried to squeeze between me and the shelves in six inches of space and who waved her handing at me to move like an arrogant bitch, then when I did not budge who smashed her cart against mine expecting me to inconvenience not only myself but three other shoppers waiting to pass that aisle, let me just add this to what I already told you in store (which had some people there gasping nd others smiling in approval): GO FUCK YOURSELF YOUR ROTTEN CROTCH HAG.

What were those lyrics in Psycho Killer: "I hate people when they're not polite...". Yeah that's me, at least at first. I believe being polite to everyone and I expect the same from them. It is or once was called common courtesy. When people become intolerably impolite, well that deserves a like response. So yeah, shit like that makes me less than polite in return.

All the best but not to her,
Glenn B

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