Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Humility In The Media...

...is something you might think is due us, the audience of that arrogant bunch of know-it-alls, but is also something that apparently is not coming anytime soon. Well, at least it is not coming from most in the media unless maybe the report shaming of the media by The Donald was true and that blasting away by Trump actually will have some desired effect.
There is at least one, among the representatives of the media branch of the worshippers of Hillary, who has exhibited more than a bit of humility. That would be Will Rahn, the managing editor for CBS News Politics and Digital. In his piece The unbearable smugness of the press, he explains that there was/is a cult on the left that idolizes Hillary Clinton as a goddess and who believe that she could do no wrong - most in the media included in that group. He goes on, to in essence say, that therefore they, as in those among the media, had it right all along about dimwitted Trump voters except for how many deplorables were out there. He smacks them harder than anyone from within their own ranks has done so in recent years. More here. My guess is even if they read that article, few among the media or Hillary's other acolytes will learn the lesson Rahn attempts to convey.

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