Tuesday, November 8, 2016

To All Of The Never Trump Voters...

...who are Republicans, Conservatives, Independents - if Clinton wins today then I hope you will be able to live with your decision because we will be thrown into a political, legal, ethical and moral abyss the likes of which this country has not seen before. Do any of you truly believe that Clinton is the better choice or that throwing away your vote, by voting third party or by not voting at all, you will be doing something good for America? If so, get your heads out of your arses because all you are doing is being selfish and not looking at the big picture. Go out today and do something for the USA, vote Trump/Pence to prevent that witch Clinton from taking the reigns of power and destroying any semblance of a Constitutional United States of America. If you don't vote Trump/Pence either because you don't vote at all or because you vote third party as a Never Trump type then shame on you when our country's very foundation and prosperity is at stake.

Vote Trump/Pence while you still have the chance. If you don't think there is a good enough reason to vote for them, then
read this.

All the best,
Glenn B

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