Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Glock Advanced Armorers Course

I am scheduled to take the Glock Advanced Armorers Course tomorrow but am wondering if I will be able to get a good enough night's sleep with the suspense of wondering who won the election. I have no clue s to the status of the election right now and am hesitant to turn on my TV to check if the results are in yet. Yet, not turning on the TV to see who has won could have me suffering from uneasy dreams all night in which I see one or the other a the winner.

Then again, if I do opt to end the suspense tonight and turn on the flat screen to discover Clinton has won, there is a good chance I will be unable to sleep worrying about what is to come for us. There also is the chance I would fall asleep but then have terrible nightmares of her being the worst tyrant history has known.

Of course, Trump might be the winner and if I find that out, I might not be able to sleep just because of the excitement of wondering what greatness America might regain under his leadership.

Damn decisions - do I turn on the tube to see what is happening and ruin a good night's sleep or do I go to sleep and toss and turn in suspense with dreams full of wondering who won!

Whatever I do, I hope I stay awake for the class tomorrow.

All the best,

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