Sunday, November 6, 2016

Mr. President - You Got That Ass Backwards

When you vote, as an illegal alien, you are not suddenly a citizen! Yet, you said when you vote you are a citizen! The right thing to have answered was that only U.S. citizens can vote in the upcoming election and for an illegal, or even a legal, alien to do so in our elections would be a criminal act. The fact is that when you are a citizen is when you can vote, aliens cannot legally vote in our federal elections. That would have been the right thing to say along with telling the interviewer, who claims to be an illegal alien, that it would be a heinous and criminal act to vote when not a citizen and that it would be dealt with appropriately. 

Let's face it, let no one make any mistake about your answer and its obvious intent - you were evidently encouraging an illegal act relative to one of our most cherished rights and important responsibilities - the act of a citizen casting his or her vote during an election. There can be absolutely no mistake as to what the woman asked you. She asked you if she, as an illegal alien, votes - will Immigration come looking for her.

It seems to me that you then gave an answer that in every conceivable way goes to encourage illegal aliens to illegally vote in Tuesday's election. You have apparently encouraged an illegal act and you are the president of the nation against which that crime would be committed. You sir, in my opinion, are worthy of only one thing - immediate impeachment.

Vote Trump,
Glenn B

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