Thursday, November 17, 2016

I Like Fox News But...

...some of their reporters and obviously some of their editors, need to get a refresher course in reporting so that their stories make sense. Take this blurb as a prime example of what I mean, it is from an article telling about a mystery plane circling Denver, Co:

"The Denver Channel reported that the flight named IRON99 was flying from California and it was heading over the Pacific Ocean until it veered back toward the west and eventually over Denver." (source)

Does the direction of travel of that aircraft, as described in that sentence, make sense to you. It certainly does not to me. If it was flying from California and heading over the Pacific (I am guessing the Pacific Ocean) then it was most likely traveling west or SW or NW. However, the sentence says it then veered back toward the west and eventually over Denver. Excuse me for asking but isn't Denver east of California?

Of course, it is not just limited to Fox News. We have a generation of nitwits running things today or so it seems to me.

All the best,
Glenn B

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