Saturday, October 8, 2016

What A Way To Spend A Friday Night & A Saturday

I've been cleaning out a pantry in our basement since last night. We had a small rodent problem not that long ago, dispatched a few house mice in snap traps. At the time I had thought they did not get into any food stuffs and I had it cleaned up pretty well. That was until my wife opened a 40 lb. bag of rice that was full of mouse turds. I sprayed everything with Lysol, stripped down the shelving unit, took it apart, sprayed and swept the floor, cleaned the shelves outside, assembled them again, and am still in the process of cleaning everything else. That is just for one shelving unit. There is still another. I had better get back to it. Hopefully I got all the mice but will reset the traps just to be sure. Too bad I no longer keep snakes, they would love the little vermin!

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