Monday, October 31, 2016

Up To 650,000 Emails...

...are reportedly stored on the laptop that was being investigated as part of the sexting investigation of Anthony Weiner. While I think that to probably be a high overstatement (just my guess) I suppose it could be that there are actually that many emails on it. Mind you, that laptop was apparently shared by Anthony Weiner and his spouse Huma Abedin and also reportedly contains emails with a .gov suffix, which is indicative that government emails are stored  on it.

Just yesterday or the day before, I saw it reported somewhere that an ex British diplomat of some sorts supposedly stated that he is 100% positive that the emails leaked by Jason Assange of WikiLeaks were not hacked by the Russians nor supplied to Assange and or WikiLeaks by the Russians. I believe he was reported to have said so after he met with Assange. 

What sweet irony it would be if it were discovered that the hacked emails (and I mean each and every one of them  pertaining to Clinton, her aides and the DNC) were among the 650K of them on the computer under investigation and that Weiner and or Abedin were responsible for the all of the disclosures to WikiLeaks. Just a thought that is quite pleasing for me to imagine as true even though probably very far fetched but a man can dream. Time will tell I suppose.

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