Sunday, August 7, 2016

Not Too Bad For A Lefty

In fact, Brendan's friend Pat was pretty good shooting my Remington 870 and doing it left handed.

Yeah, his first shot was a bit off to the right (took off some of the bark on his right-hand side of the tree) but at least two of his other shots, if not all, were just about dead center. (And yes it was a dead tree and I say that for the tree-huggers but even more so for the shots-ricochet-off live tree types cause I do not ant to hear your BS criticism when it is not warranted.) The distance was guesstimated to be about 30 yards or so.

Anyway, both Brendan and Pat had fun shooting the 870. Yet, neither shot more than 10 rounds through it since the masculine youths today are not manly men like us of old. Of course, being a manly-man with an 870 is one of the reasons my adversary Arthur I. Tis comes around so often to slap my shoulders, especially the right one.

All the best,
Glenn B

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