Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Machetes Now Partially Illegal In NY

NY has made machetes illegal to a certain extent. More here. It might seem good at first glance but if you know Cuomo and leftists as we NY folk know them then you would think otherwise. Cuomo and his minion are waging a never ending battle against the pursuit of happiness, truth, justice and the American way by the citizenry of NY State.  That especially holds for Cuomo's rampage against our right to keep and bear arms and now even tools! Of course the ultimate goal will be to ban machetes outright, on that you cam safely bet but for now they make it palatable to liberals by saying that illegal use of them is banned.

What a sad state of affairs it is that most New Yorkers probably agree with Cuomo in their perpetual insistence on more control of the people by the government and less liberty for all.

All the best and good night,
Glenn B


Old 1811 said...

So, you can still own a machete, but if you carry it with unlawful intent, it's illegal? How can anyone prove unlawful intent, unless the machete carrier admits it?
You might not want to paint on your machete, a la Woody Guthrie, "This machete kills jihadists."

Glenn B said...

Ye, NY is that fucked up. Been trying to get my wife to agree for us to move out for years.

SSN said...

Their final goal is to ban all kinds of weapons, they are starting with machetes because it looks reasonable and they won't get much push back from the people.

An example of their stupidity: in Brazil where it's almost impossible for a regular citzen to legally own a gun and really impossible to get a carry permit, they are moving to knives now.
Last year in Rio they approved a law that forbids anyone from carrying any type of blade bigger than 5 inches... the penalty? A fine that varies from around $600 to $6,000. Yes, it's a very expensive fine, but can any sane person - or anyone but a leftist - really think that a fine would stop any criminal? Unfortunately not everyone understands that their intent is not that, it's not to keep us safe...