Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Well Meaning Arsehats Are Arsehats Nonetheless

Some apparently well meaning assholes tourists in Yellowstone National Park picked up a bison calf and put it into the back of their SUV. Then they brought it to a ranger station reportedly because they feared for its welfare. Rangers brought it back to where the well meaning arsehats picked up the young beast but were unable to reunite it with its herd after several attempts to do so. The calf has been euthanized and the arsehats got off with a measly $110 fine (source). I would think they should have been forced to do park service like cleaning bison shit off of the roads for a month while wearing t-shirts with the words Bison Killer on front and back.

Well meaning ain't worth a plugged wooden nickel when you are such an arsehat as to not realize that what you are doing is screwing up more than helping. Wild animals are just that - wild. They do not need your help or want it. For them it truly is eat or be eaten. If you think they truly need help, then call a wildlife expert to take action or tell you what to do. Otherwise, if you are not out legally hunting or fishing, then just take their pictures from a safe distance.

All the best,
Glenn B

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