Sunday, April 17, 2016

Light Blogging Expected This Week

I am scheduled to work a few days this week and will probably spend the other(s) one(s) trying to arrange for an estimate for a new garage door. One of the springs on our old door snapped in two. I figure we're lucky no one was in the garage at the time. Had anyone been in the path of the spring part, attached to a pulley and cable, that went flying toward the door it most assuredly would have resulted in a serious injury.

Since I will be tied up with that other stuff, I expect light blogging; however, gentlemen, Everyman's Evening Eyeful posts have been prescheduled for the whole week already.

All the best,
Glenn B


B said...

You can save money if the door isn't worn out and just get new springs (and cables if you need 'em), you know.....

Glenn B said...

Thanks for that advice. It is exactly what I am doing.

About 15 minutes ago, I got an estimate for the garage door. At first he gave me the bad news. if it needed to be replaced, it would be more than a standard door because it was an off size in width (which I already knew from shopping around). Then he took a look inside and brightened my day. The guy said it would be an easy fix and much less than a new door. He also said the door and most of its parts look more than just good enough to fix rather than replace, but he would replace both springs and a roller or two. Then he told me the price. He got my business right then and there. It's going to cost $175 to fix it as opposed to at least about $750 to replace.

He even told me that I could probably get it done easily enough by doing it myself but I declined because I am a klutz who gets pissed of at everyone when I fuck things up. Better to pay and stay - stay calm that is.

I am not even bothering to get another estimate because he told me all that. I'd bet he even would have told me how to do it. So it's with his company I am going. They have been in business since 1959 for a reason I suppose.